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Allow users to specify certain parameters while using the Edit issue action



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      Currently, if we use the information of a custom field to add a certain user as an approver, Automation for Jira will try to match the information being inserted to two different parameters user_key and username.

      However, this can cause issues when we have users created before the 8.4.0 version of Jira Software, where their user_key matches the username of a different user.

      For instance, let's consider two different users:

      • usera (created after Jira 8.4.0)

      Username: usera
      user_key: JIRAUSER10200

      • testusera (created before Jira 8.4.0)

      Username: testusera
      user_key: usera

      If we try to configure a custom field, to insert usera as an approver, Automation for Jira will try to match the information to both parameters. As testusera was created first and its records are listed in the app_user and cwd_user tables before the information of usera, Automation for Jira will match the information and try to add testusera's information instead.

      This can cause incorrect users to be added, along with further issues if the incorrect user is disabled or does not have the required permissions to be added as an approver.

      • Workaround

      Use the More Options section and specify the parameter being used to be the user_key or username instead. You can use the example below for the username as a reference:

          "update": {
              "Approvers": [
                      "add": { "name": "{{issue.customfield_XXXXX}}" }

      Note that you will need to replace XXXXX, for the id of the customfield.


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