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Allow 'Send web request' to Jira Cloud from Jira Server


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    • 7.1.14
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      Problem Definition

      Currently, it is not possible to send a web request from Jira Server to Jira Cloud. The following error is returned and it is not possible to publish the rule.

      Step to reproduce

      1. In the Cloud instance, create a new rule
      2. Configure the Trigger with 'Incoming webhook'
      3. Copy the Webhook URL for later use
      4. Go to the Server instance and create a new rule
      5. Configure any Trigger and the Action would be 'Send web request'
      6. Use the webhook URL generated from step 3
      7. Publish the rule

      Suggested Solution

      Allow 'Send web request' when the 'Incoming webhook' is from a Jira Cloud instance.

      Why this is important

      The breaks the integration between Server and Cloud instances.


      No workaround available as of now.


      The 'Send web request' works when the 'Incoming webhook' is from another Jira Server instance.

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