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A4J lists only first 50 values for Jira fields (dropdown) in components



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      Issue Summary

      Automation for Jira does not detect more than 50 values for any fields in Jira.
      For example: When we have 50+ versions (Projects > Releases), Fix Version/s field in the Issue fields condition does not show all the options in the “value” dropdown. The dropdown shows 51 versions.

      As per the design, A4J requests Jira REST API to get project versions with default settings. And these 50 records are the maximum number that Jira returns by default.

      Due to this, if any fields in Jira have more than 50 values, A4J will display only the first 50 values of them. There are options for pagination and result size, but A4J doesn't use them.

      This is a limitation when customers have fields with 100+ values. For example, in a big sized project, there could be 100+ Versions and A4J will fetch only 50 versions. This would cause an impact as other versions could not be used for automation purposes.

      Dropdown does not list the 'matching' options as per the input. We need to scroll to select the required version irrespective of the input entered.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a JSW project. Go to Projects > Releases. Create 50+ (minimum 50) versions.
      2. Create a simple A4J rule to fetch those versions and set them in the "Fix Version/s" field.

      Expected Results

      All Versions should be displayed in the dropdown. Also dropdown should list the 'matching' versions as per the input entered.

      Actual Results

      A4J displays only 50 versions. The versions entered after 50th are omitted.
      Dropdown does not list the versions 'matching' the input characters. It just lists the versions irrespective of the input and we need to scroll manually to find the required version. This would be exhaustive when there are 100+ versions in the dropdown.


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