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Create a single smart value documentation glossary



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      As an automation rule writer,

      I want a glossary/dictionary of the available smart values

      So that I am more effective at writing rules to solve my team's business needs.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • One page containing all available smart values for automation for Jira
      • Consider using a wiki-format drill down (allowing rapid reading/scanning/searching, and then exploration of details).  For an example, please see your REST API documentation.
      • Each entry notes usage scope by product: Jira Cloud, Server/Data Center, JSD, etc.
      • Each entry notes version history for changes in behavior
      • Each entry lists/links to the child attributes (e.g. issue.resolution contains id, name, etc.
      • Add a link to this help within the automation rule editor
      • The documentation page shows the last updated date/time
      • Bonus: each entry contains example usage
      • Bonus: this page is dynamically updated by code releases, so it is always up to date
      • Bonus: when certain attributes are not available, work-arounds are suggested, such as calling the REST API using a web request to get at the data

      Business Case:


      If you regularly check community automation questions, you will find many are basic needs to learn the available smart values and their attributes. Although the REST API can reveal some of this information, it does not contain all of it.  Please consider developing a complete glossary/dictionary of the available smart values for each product in the Atlassian ecosystem, and make it automatically updated from the source code of releases of automation and the REST API.  Such a glossary/dictionary will save customers a large amount of time, and no doubt reduce the number of contacts to Atlassian support.

      Thanks for your work to improve Jira!


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