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Improvements to the rule import wizard


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      Issue Description

      Currently, the Automation rule import wizard contains very limited options, which can make it very tedious/unpractical to import a JSON file containing a big number of rules.


      Some improvements to the wizard that help sys-admins save time especially on large instances:

      • An option to select all rules when importing
      • An option to select all active rules when importing
      • UI should differentiate rules that have the same name (maybe show the project context / rule ID)
      • An option to import rules in its exported state (vs DISABLED by default)
      • Option to import rule labels and create them if missing
      • Option to overwrite rules (if the rule id, name and context matches)
      • Option to import rule owners (will need to add it to the export)
        • Import should honor “actorAccountId”/“authorAccountId” values defined in source JSON and map them accordingly after importing the rule (given that provided usernames exist in the target system)
      • Ability to map custom fields and custom fields options that have different IDs on source and destination instances

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