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Epic: when copying an Epic with children, Stories that are synced to Jira are associated with the original Feature


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      Issue Summary

      When using the Copy function of an Epic, and selecting the children elements, if the Features/Stories are synced with Jira, the new created Stories are being associated with the wrong parent Feature, where the new Stories are associated with the original Feature, and the original Story are associated with the new Story.
      See one example below:
      The original Feature 10829 had 2 Stories under it, 230077 and 230076, but after the copy, these 2 moved to the new Feature 10831 (and the new Stories 230073 and 230072 where moved to it).

      Another problem is that even though, the new Stories will sync to Jira (even though the project was not selected on their panel), but as they are on the wrong parent, on Jira the 4 Stories will appear on the original parent:

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an Epic
      2. Create Features under it, and sync them to Jira
      3. Create Stories under these Features, and sync them to Jira
      4. Use the Copy Epic with all the Children
      5. Check the original Features and the copied ones
      6. Notice how the stories are inverted between the new and copied
      7. Wait for the sync on the original Feature and notice how it has 4 stories under it

      Expected Results

      The new Stories would be under the new Features

      Actual Results

      The Stories get mixed and end on the original Feature


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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