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Jira Align Connector does not allow duplicate Jira Board IDs (and Boards are in different Jira environments)


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      Issue Summary

      When establishing a Jira Align connection with Jira, the Connector does not allow duplicate Jira Board IDs, even though the board belongs to a different connector (Jira environment).

      Impact 2: This limits integration of Jira Boards from other instances/connector with the same Board ID.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Administration > Settings > Jira Management
      2. Select Jira Boards tab
      3. Try to Add Board using an ID that already exist in the Jira Board ID column

      Expected Results

      The Board is added with success

      Actual Results

      Error message is show:

      Some Board(s) may have not updated successfully as the board ID or team name already exist.


      Create a new board with the same configuration or Copy the Board to create a new ID.

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