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Access granting sign-up scenario is not tracked by the audit log


      Issue Summary

      Given the set-up below:

      • Self sign-up is enabled,
      • the user has access to one application (let's say Confluence),
      • and product access is set to give Jira Access to new users.

      When the user happens to go to a Jira URL (and product access is set to give Jira Access to new users), it will gain a Jira license, as expected. However, this scenario is not being tracked on Atlassian Access audit logs

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Enable self-sign up to a domain
      2. Enable Jira Access to New users
      3. Pick-up a user with a Confluence license only
      4. Have that user to access any Jira URL
      5. The user will gain access to Jira

      Expected Results

      • This is a license changing event and should be tracked by audit logs as per this document

      Actual Results

      • The license changing event is not tracked by audit logs


      None at the moment. You may consider turning off the "New users have access to this product" switch.

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