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Option to disable Atlassian OnDemand Login so users can only log in with Google Apps SSO



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      We've recently released a new version of the G Suite integration which supports these features:

      • As an admin, you can eagerly provision and sync your entire G Suite user base, or specific G Suite groups, to your Atlassian site. 
      • Your synced users will have their details updated from G Suite every 4 hours. 
      • Every time you add a new G Suite user to a synced group, they will be provisioned to your Atlassian site the next time a sync runs.
      • When you remove a user from a synced group (or deactivate/delete their G Suite account), they will be removed from your Atlassian Cloud site the next time a sync runs. 
      • If you have an enabled Atlassian account for your instance, your users will be required to use their Google credentials to authenticate. 


      To enable Atlassian account for your instance, go to the Atlassian account page inside User Management. Enabling Atlassian account for your site will allow you to enforce your users to log in using their Google credentials. Learn more about Atlassian account here.


      To enable the new G Suite integration for your site, go to the G Suite page inside User Management. Make sure that you have G Suite groups that are representative of your Atlassian Cloud userbase. 

      • If you have not yet integrated with G Suite, you will automatically have the new version of the integration. See enable G Suite integration for instructions on how to integrate your site.
      • If your site is currently integrated with G Suite, see is my site using group-based syncing? 
        • If your site is using group-based syncing, then you have the new version of the integration.
        • If your site is not using group-based syncing, then you will need to disconnect from your current integration by clicking Disconnect G Suite and then Connect G Suite to re-integrate your G Suite data. Make sure that you have administrator access on your G Suite domain to set up the integration. You can find the required admin privileges here.

      Problem Definition

      Customers would like to fully manage users via Google and not via Cloud User Management. For example, when a user leaves a company, they can revoke the Google access, and not have to manage anything within Cloud.

      Suggested Solution

      Provide an option for Cloud Site Admins to prohibit Cloud login and require Google authentication.


      Original Request:

      Our organization uses many cloud based applications that are able to utilize Google Apps SSO. This is convenient for our users who are able to take advantage of this SSO to login and uses different services with the same credentials. However, as users leave the company access to these resources needs to be revoked. If users are only able to login with Google Apps SSO then it gives us the convenience of simply disabling their Google account and removing access to this application versus having to manage the users within Jira's User Management interface.


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