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Select Macro menu displays JIRA gadget summaries in another language



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      When selecting the Other Macros window in Confluence, JIRA related macros may show in another language other than the default.


      • Confluence with a linked JIRA instance
      • Default language is the same on both JIRA and Confluence, but a few users have another language set.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Clean instance with JIRA/Confluence with both default languages set to English (UK) or English (US)
      2. Create 2 users, one with English as default language, and another with a secondary language.
      3. While logged in as English user, attempt to insert macro using the insert menu, but select Other Macros and view JIRA macros. Ensure the language matches the current default, but it may match the default of the secondary language user(s)
      4. Steps to replicate summarized from JRA-28392 and CONFCLOUD-53760

      Expected Results

      Macro menu language should match that of the default language.

      Actual Results

      Language used to describe the JIRA macros in the Select Macro window matches secondary language.


      • Possibly related to JRA-28392 and JRA-37916
      • This also happens on Data Center version of Confluence and JIRA, where in this case one random node will be affected in random time. Users accessing to the specific node will see JIRA gadget in non-English description while accessing to other unaffected nodes will see English description.

      Solution / Workaround

      • Flush Gadgets Macro Metadata cache on the affected node and the JIRA gadget language will return to English. But this is not a permanent solution as the issue might happen again.


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