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Improve the Danish translation



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      Customer has raised a feedback on the inaccurate Danish translations in JIRA.

      Yes. I am using the danish language settings in JIRA.

      I am about to introduce JIRA in our company, which is used to danish language in software, but I know, I will be laughed at with some of the current translations

      Danish IT "lingo" is heavily influenced by english, and in many cases we actually just use the english words.

      Here are some of the first examples that meets the eye (screenshots attached), but there are probably more if we dig deeper.

      • Instrumentbræt refers to a dashboard in a car, but nobody would use that word for a software dashboard. Just use Dashboard in danish as well.
      • Episk is the correct translation for Epic as an adjective, but the word does not exist as a noun in danish. Just use Epic in danish as well
      • Historik means history (for instance a list of log entries), and does not make sense as a translation for Story. Just use Story in danish as well.
      • Issue is not consistently translated. I have seen it called Emne (which means topic), Opgave (which means task) and Aktivitet (which means activity). Sag is actually a better word to use.
      • Board is not consistently translated. In some places it is called Tavle , in other places Panel. Tavle is usable, but i would personally use the word Board in danish as well.
      • Udgivelse is used for a book release, but never for a software release. Just use the word Release in danish as well.




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