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Don't include message body in errors

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    • HCDC 3.1.4
    • HCDC 3.0.1, HCDC 3.1.2, HCDC 3.1.1, HCDC 3.1.3
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      In the /var/log/hipchat/tetra.log, error messages may contain the body of a chat message if it fails to send, for example:

      2018-02-02T19:47:31.555335+00:00 examplehipchat tetra-app-3: tetra.controllers.muc_controller.handle_message_stanza#2d12035e-1fe3-45e4-ace9-674777f5b0e7 =====> Request failed: 2d12035e-1fe3-45e4-ace9-674777f5b0e7, in-progress=6, from=uid-2219:mac_macweb||proxy||5282, time=478ms, stanza=<message xmlns='jabber:client' proxy_received='2018-02-01T19:47:31Z 014096' to='1_testroom@conf.btf.hipchat.com' type='groupchat' id='4'><body>test</body></message>

      We should not be including this in error messages.

      This will be fixed in a future release of HipChat Data Center

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