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Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy URL links on the signup page point to non-existing pages

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    • HCDC 3.1.6
    • HCDC 3.0.1, HCDC 3.1.2, HCDC 3.1.1
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      On the Hipchat signup page the URL links 'Customer Agreement' and 'Privacy Policy' point to non-existing pages

      Customer Agreement links to https://<server>/terms
      Privacy Policy links to https://<server>/privacy


      • Hipchat Data Center 3.0.1
      • Hipchat Data Center 3.1.1
      • Hipchat Data Center 3.1.2

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new user (an invite email will be send to the user)
      2. Use the link mention (Join us on HipChat) on the invite to open the sign up page
      3. On the sign up page click on 'Customer Agreement' and 'Privacy Policy'

      Expected Results

      The Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy is displayed

      Actual Results

      An error is generated

      Hmm... that page doesn't exist
      The page https://<server>/privacy does not exist. You may have clicked an old link or mistyped the URL.


      The Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy can be found at https://<server>/info/terms and https://<server>/info/privacy


      Use a script to correct the URL locations

      example script

      1. Download the script adjust_terms_privacy
      2. Copy the script to the directory /home/admin/startup_scripts
      3. Make the script executable with the command
        chmod +x /home/admin/startup_scripts/adjust_terms_privacy
      4. Execute the script

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