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Updating the Hipchat Server license displays the error "The license does not support HipChat Server"

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    • HCS 2.2.2, HCS 2.2.4, HCDC 3.0.1, HCS 2.2.5
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      When trying to update the Hipchat Server license, the error "The license does not support HipChat Server" is displayed
      (updating the license from the Hipchat admin GUI will display the error "License is expired, invalid, or cannot be decoded.")


      • Hipchat Server

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On a Hipchat Server instance paste the license in a file (example license.txt)
      2. Import the file
        hipchat license -i license.txt

      Expected Results

      The license is accepted and updated

      Actual Results

      Error: The license does not support HipChat Server

      Workaround fix

      The error is related to a change in the license output
      Run the fix below in the Hipchat terminal to adjust the code.

      1. Log into the HipChat Server terminal/command-line interface
      2. Paste the fix command in the terminal (please make sure to copy and paste the command correctly)
        sudo dont-blame-hipchat -c "sed -i.bak 's/\(if any(word in description for word in \[\)\(\x27HipChat\x27\)/\1\x27Hipchat\x27, \2/' /opt/atlassian/hipchat/sbin/_license.py"
      3. Enter the license again

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