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Increase the custom emoticon limit, and make the list sortable.



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      Our company has a lot of people using HipChat ... really creative people who create a lot of custom emoticons.  We've maxed out the limit of 750 pretty quickly.  I would love to see more than just a modest increase.  Not just double or triple, but an order of magnitude (10,000 custom emoticons, anyone?), or removing the limit entirely (preferred!), or creating a per-user limit, so the limits scale more easily, and some users don't monopolize the total limit.

      With a lot of people using the system, the meager limit of 750 fills up quickly.  Then people leave the company, so there are a lot of unused ones taking up space.  I'm sure administrators could easily delete unused ones, but I don't know if they can see usage stats, and in a large company like our, getting admin attention for something as trivial as deleting unused emoticons is nearly impossible.  Perhaps the system could be self-cleaning, and automatically delete emoticons that are unused for more than a year.

      I would also like to be able to sort the list of emoticons by the column headers.

      I found a reference to a previous request for increasing the limt: https://help.hipchat.com/forums/138883-suggestions-ideas/suggestions/6597381-up-the-custom-emoticon-limit, but I can't get to it.  I assumed it was closed since the limit was increased to 750 in August of 2015.  But even that request (viewed on archive.org) had comments about removing the limit entirely, for companies that have 900 or more employees that knew a modest increase would not be enough.





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