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If another Issue type exists with default Epic ID, Greenhopper treats it as the new Epic.




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Software Server. Using JIRA Software Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      If a user has deleted the original Epic issue type, and deleted all other issue types above Issue ID 6 and then creates a new Issue type (for example Sub Task) so that it has Issue ID 6, Greenhopper will use that new issuetype as the Epic issue type.

      This causes all issues with Issue ID 6 (in the example: subtasks) to appear on the Epic listing on the left of the Scrum board. Even if the user has created a new Epic issue type.

      Adding the feature to select which Issue ID is associated with would help resolve this, as to at the moment an SQL query has to be run to change the epic Issue ID.


      1. Backup the instance to XML.
      2. Install the XML into a test instance.
      3. Add any missing Issue Types, such as the Epic, Story & Technical Task (this is actually a sub-task) through the browser GUI.
      4. Execute the following SQL to identify their IDs in the database:
        select id, pname from issuetype where pname in ('Technical Task','Epic','Story');

        Keep track of these as we'll need them later.

      5. Add a Story Points Custom Field (Number Field), ensuring to set the context to Epic and Story.
      6. Add it to the appropriate screens (e.g.: default, however this depends upon JIRA's configuration).
      7. Use the below SQL to identify the ID:
        select id from customfield where cfname = 'Story Points';
      8. Execute the following SQL to get your GreenHopper property map:
        select propertyvalue from propertytext where id = (select id from propertyentry where property_key ='SCRUM_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE_CONFIGURATION');
      9. Replace the map with the appropriate Story Points Custom Field and Epic, Story & Technical Task Issue Type. For example:
            <string>customfield_18008</string> <!-- Changed -->
            <string>36</string> <!-- Changed -->
            <string>3</string> <!-- Changed -->
            <string>37</string> <!-- Changed -->

        Make sure not to include any comments, these are just for reference.

      10. Stop JIRA.
      11. Update the map after making the correct changes with the following:
        update propertytext set propertyvalue = <the updated XML> where id = (select id from propertyentry where property_key ='SCRUM_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE_CONFIGURATION');
      12. Start JIRA.
      13. Install the GreenHopper plugin and reindex JIRA.
      14. Test by creating a new board and verify all is working.


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