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Log a WARN when committer matches two users with the same mail address



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      Problem Definition

      Currently, when performing a commit, being the committer's mail address the same as the mail address of two different FishEye users, FishEye is unable to determine the author of the commit. This directly impacts smart commits, as they do not work if the author isn't identified.

      When the author isn't identified and the smart commit fails, the following is logged:

      2016-05-13 11:00:00,000 WARN  [CommitNotifier1 ] com.atlassian.fecru.plugin.commithook.jira.JIRACommitHook JIRACommitHook-processHook - Unable to determine author for changeset 7dd16f1ae63d3934f6c96d4535632656601abf54 in repository gitRepo - no JIRA actioning will occur

      Suggested Solution

      FishEye may fail to determine the author of the commit if there are two FishEye users with the same email address, therefore I suggest that, when FishEye identifies the committer mail address as being the same for more than one FishEye user, a specific WARN shows up in the logs, identifying the involved users.

      Diagnosis for identifying duplicated mail addresses

      As a diagnosis step, the following query can be run in the database to identify if there are multiple users with the same mail address:

      SELECT u1.user_name, u1.email_address, u2.user_name, u2.email_address
      FROM cwd_user u1 
      	INNER JOIN cwd_user u2 ON u2.lower_email_address = u1.lower_email_address AND u2.lower_user_name != u1.lower_user_name


      If you identify more than one user with a single mail address, you can either:

      • Edit your users, leaving the committer's mail address configured in the user you wish the commit to be mapped to.
      • Manually adding a user mapping between the committer and the correct FishEye user at FishEye Administration > User mappings.




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