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Prevent the issue where fisheye authors are not being set correctly



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      For customers that are mirroring their svn server on their fisheye server to improve performance will occasionally get log message such as

      2008-07-25 18:19:44,386 INFO  [pool-1-thread-1] fisheye.app SvnMessageContext-getAuthor - Revision 43083 in repository test has no author defined

      The problem basically occurs because the mirroring process is not atomic - It "replays" the changes as a local user and then updates the properties afterwards - updating author, date, etc. If FishEye incrementally scans the repo between those two steps, it picks up the change without author information.

      To resolve the issue for your current changesets, you need to go to your Admin > Repository List and View your repository and Click maintenance.
      There will be a section detailed "Rescan Revision Properties" with a start and end revision.

      One workaround is to turn off auto scanning of the repo and manually update the repository after the replication operation is finished.
      I.e. go to Admin > Repository list > <repo> and click on "Edit Updater". Set the poll period to "Never".
      After the repo is mirrored and the properties set, you need to go into Admin > > Repository list > Axs > Maintenance and Click "Scan Now".

      However this is not good for the customers as it makes the server maintenance heavy.

      One possible solution would be to give customers the options to only scan up to the latest revision -1, to prevent having a revision scanned before the properties are set.

      The other solution is when viewing a changeset and discovering that their is no author, automatically do a rescan for that changeset, preventing the need for customers to have to do it themselves.


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