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Enhance Crowd's internal user directory to mirror Jira directory



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      Crowd internal user directory match the behavior in Jira internal user directory when external (AD/LDAP in my case) user directory(ies) are added to Jira.

      Suggested Solution

      • Crowd Internal Directory to select and/or a second flavor of crowd application which provide the user management like is available under Jira directly.
      • However, final implementation may be easily provided as just checkbox(s) with useful description of the functionality difference the checkbox(s) provide with the crowd application.
      • That way users for whom the existing crowd Directory Aggregation method does what they need, no changes need happen to their setup due to the new functionality being added. It just becomes a second option for crowd application setup.
      1. Create Crowd Internal Directory
      2. Add external AD/LDAP to Crowd Directories listing.
      3. Add Crowd Internal Directory and all needed external directories to the crowd application.
      4. Once external User Directory synchronizes, users imported from external User Directory can be added to groups created in the Crowd Internal Directory for the application.
      5. When Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc, add crowd app as a User Directory, the list of users which can authenticate and group memberships the users have from the external Directory and the Crowd Internal Directory are available for granting roles & permissions within the Atlassian application(s).




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