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How to obtain the groupid parameter in Group Leave Administration specific REST APIs is not clearly explained



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      Since Crowd 3.3.0, Group Level Administration was introduced in Crowd Data Center. This included the introduction of new Rest API endpoints that cater for this functionality.
      This includes the following end points.

      Some of the new APIs include the groupid parameter. The documentation, however, does not explain how to obtain this nor there is any REST function that helps in obtaining the ID.

      This causes a confusion, where users who would like to use these endpoints think that this groupid is actually the groupid from the database.

      This is not the case, however, as based on the discussion with the Crowd product team, the groupid is obtained by combining the User Directory the group belongs to and the group name. The group name should be in the base64 URL safe encoding format.

      So for example if directory id is 163841 and the group name's encoding is Y29uZmx1ZW5jZS11c2Vycw then the REST will look like something like this.

      • rest/admin/1.0/groups/163841-Y29uZmx1ZW5jZS11c2Vycw

      To convert the group name to Base 64 Encoder URL safe format users will need to code their own converter or use online tools such as

      Proposed Resolution:

      Explain the process of obtaining the groupid in the official REST API documentation.


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