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Crowd access logs does not log the username



      The current Crowd documentation for enabling access logs How do I enable Access Logging for Crowd? suggests that adding the %{X-AUSERNAME}o attribute in the Tomcat Valve will record the username in the access logs. However, after testing, this is not working as documented because the header %{X-AUSERNAME}o does not exist in the Crowd requests.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install a vanilla Crowd instance
      2. Enable access logging by following the steps described in this KB How do I enable Access Logging for Crowd?
      3. Restart Crowd for the changes to take effect
      4. Access the Crowd login page
      5. Check the newly created access log file

      Expected Results

      According to the documentation, the username should be documented with the incoming requests

      Actual Results

      The username is empty in all the requests


      There is no workaround at the moment

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