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Crowd freezes under heavy load



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      I've reproduced it locally, although it is not deterministic and may require some patience.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set up a fresh installation of Crowd 2.7.0, connected to a database (I'm using Postgres 9.1, although there are customer reporting problems with MySQL and SQL Server as well).
      2. Once the set up is completed, log in as 'admin'.
      3. Reload (Cmd-R or similar) the home page repeatedly. Do not wait for it to refresh completely in your browser, just reload as fast as you can.

      Observed outcome

      Eventually, the page does not refresh anymore. Crowd freezes.

      Using the Postgres admin tools, we find that there is a client that is locking the cwd_token table, see attached image.


      At this point the workaround is to switch the session storage to in-memory from database storage:
      Session Configuration

      The in-memory storage is explained in more detail on the page linked above.

      If you cannot keep crowd up long enough to access the Administration console, or crowd will simply not finish starting up, follow these steps to modify the value directly in the database:

      1. Shutdown crowd - ensure the pid is stopped
      2. Perform a database backup
      3. Connect to the database
      4. Execute this sql:
        update cwd_property 
        set property_value='false'
        where property_name='database.token.storage.enabled';
      5. Restart Crowd
      6. Validate the session storage is now in-memory by Navigating to Administration > Session Config


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