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Allow archiving whole projects



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      Problem Definition

      Currently it is only possible to archive reviews one by one by either closing or abandoning each review, but the projects themselves will remain active.

      Customers might have large instances with thousands of projects. While most of them have reviews actively being worked on, some of them will never make it to fruition, but have valid, important data that our customers would like to retain.

      Suggested Solution

      There should be a project-level archive method.


      There are no workarounds thus far.

      We are gathering feedback

      We would love to collect your feedback about project archiving in Crucible. What does the archived project mean to you? Things to consider:

      • is archived project visible on the project list?
      • is archived project visible in search?
      • are reviews from an archived project visible in search?
      • shall 'archive project' action automatically archive all reviews in it as well?
      • do you expect to reduce crucible project index reduced when a project is archived (i.e. delete obsolete data and index?)

      Fee free to share your thoughts and expectations in comments.




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