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Bring back the usable UI header - and more compact CSS




      Crucible 2 had a UI that was more conducive to a developer workflow. When you scrolled down the file - ONLY the file scrolled. Not the header. Not the tree on the left - just that frame. That was a quality UI experience.

      WIth 3.0 came new css that basically 'ruined' the UIUX. Now when I scroll down - my tree (on the left) moves. i could almost live with that - though it's bad UIUX. The kicker is all the buttons to 'act' on the review are all the way at the top of the page - and since the header now scrolls when i scroll down the buttons disappear. Forcing me to slog all the way back UP the page again to click any of the buttons. That's annoying - and bad UIUX. Not to mention the header is GIGANTIC now in comparison - full of worthless whitespace. I'd be quite happy to provide screen shots if you like - but I'm betting you know what I mean.

      I'd really like to see this fixed. I posted on the community forum but the answer there was "a best effort" to assuage my pain.

      Can this please be addressed?

      I'd be happy having a choice of a few themes? old 'compact' theme - new 'touch friendly' (or whatever it was done for) theme etc.


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