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Automatic Review Creator: Ability to not create a review if it will cause a problem with Crucible



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      Various performance issues exist if a gigantic review is created (e.g. CRUC-2042.) The one we are hit with specifically is that the repository will remain on "Indexing review data" indefinitely after a large review is created (we left it for a week and it never finished.)

      Unfortunately, if the "Automatic Review Creator" plugin is present, we don't really get a choice over whether to create them or not, so if any user does a large commit, e.g.:

      • tagging / branching operations, of the sort which Subversion shows as a multi-file change instead of a single copy
      • merging vendor changes into the local repository

      The review which is created automatically from this will make the server effectively unusable. This becomes a huge hindrance when you have several such commits to make, as the workflow for getting rid of the reviews and bringing the system back to stable takes a while each time.

      Since there does appear to be some upper limit to the size of reviews, it would be nice if this plugin would not create reviews if they are above this limit. I haven't determined where the limit is, exactly, but I know that it's less than 10,000 and more than 100.




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