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Very Serious Performance Issues



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      Crucible 1.6.x was bad enough, but performance in version 2.0.2 is pathetic.

      So far we have completed about 150 reviews since moving to 2.0.2 (very very painfully, I might add).

      If the reviews had few files (30 or less) they would could be loaded viewed, and worked with "ok" - still quite sluggish, but workable.

      However changesets that have over 100 files, and particularly those with over 700 files just make the application completely unworkable.

      What's worse, once reviews with such changesets exist, working with other reviews becomes seriously impacted. For example if I view a new changeset in fisheye, and then click "create a review", it takes many minutes for the create review dialog to appear. I presume this is because crucible is searching for existing reviews related to the files in this new changeset, such that it can suggest reviews to add them to – and that this search entails loading the large reviews that completely bog the system down.

      Crucible seems to have very serious problems with data loading - it seems that it must be loading every bit of info about the review whenever any portion of the review is being looked at — and that such loading is pathetically slow.

      Also the web ui is very heavy. A review that contains 700 files takes minutes to load into the browser and a quad-core 64-bit machine with 8 GB of RAM. While loading Firefox complains that the script is taking too many resources, and do I want to stop it or continue? I select continue and it churns for another long time, then asks the same question. This repeats several times before the page is finally loaded. Very large chagesets (e.g. 10,000 files) completely crash the system.

      The end result is that the tool is pretty much useless on a large code base once a few changesets that apply to many files are submitted. (these large changesets are reasonable, real-world changesets: e.g. new branches in perforce that contain thousands of files, or changes to encoding roles, copyright notices, etc. on many files within a path).

      We are running with the database externalized to PostgreSQL 8.4.0. The server machine is running linux, quad core 64 bit processor, 8 gb ram. I will do some more profiling to determine how "taxed" the machine seems to be while loading the large reviews, and post any further info I have that seems like it would be of use.


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