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"Disabled" user still counts towards license limit


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    • 7.19.19, 7.19.20, 8.5.8, 8.5.9
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      All versions: When following the steps in How to get a list of active users counting towards the Confluence license the list have users that are marked as disabled in Confluence User Management (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/browseusers.action). The queries in the KB are valid for all versions, including 8.x.

      8.x Specific: The License Details (<confluence-base-url>/admin/license.action) show a higher total of users counting against the license than the list of users when clicking on "view list" (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/showallusers.action?showUnlicensedUsers=false) in the same screen.


      Confluence with at least one remote user directory (Crowd, LDAP, AD, etc).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a remote Directory (Crowd, LDAP, AD, etc).
      2. Move the Directory to be the first from the list of User Directories
      3. Add users from this Directory to a group that has 'Use Confluence' permissions.
      4. Create a local user in the Confluence Internal Directory with the same username as one of the users synced from the remote User Directory.
        • This can be done before adding the remote Directory or while the remote Directory is disabled.
        • Remember to enable the remote Directory if you disabled it to create the local user.

      Expected Results

      All versions: The User Management (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/browseusers.action) list the local users, showing they active.

      8.x: Licensed Users search (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/showallusers.action?showUnlicensedUsers=false) list the local user counting against the license.

      Actual Results

      All versions: The User Management (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/browseusers.action) list the same username from the Confluence Internal Directory as disabled, because it shows only the user from the remote Directory.

      8.x: Licensed Users search (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/showallusers.action?showUnlicensedUsers=false) doesn't list the local user counting against the license.


      If you want the local user doesn't count against the license:

      1. Disable the remote Directory
      2. Go to the User Management (<confluence-base-url>/admin/users/browseusers.action)
      3. Search for the user
      4. Disable the user.

      Now, the user is disabled on both directories, and it does not count against the license.

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