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Introduce 'Confluence Administrator' permission (less powerful than 'System Administrator' permission)



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      • More detail at: http://extranet.atlassian.com/display/HDS/%27Confluence+Manager%27+Permission
      • For DevSuite, we will need a permission level similar to Global Administrator except with some permissions removed.
      • Permissions to be removed are those which could jeopardize the file system or hosted environment.
      • For the install product, a typical use case is where a top-level administrator wants to delegate some administration privileges to a manager, team leader, etc., but not those which could jeopardize the application environment, network, etc.
      • We would like to add a permission level, hierarchically between 'Confluence Administrator' and 'Confluence User' which we refer to as 'Confluence Manager'
      • We would like this permission to have access to the same Administration functions as 'Confluence Administrator', except with the following revisions to the Administration menu:
      • Configuration
        o Modify 'General Configuration'
        + remove 'API plugin'
        + remove 'Server Base URL'
        + remove 'External User Management Option'
        + remove 'Public Signup'
        o remove 'Daily Backup Admin'
        o remove 'Plugins'
        o remove 'Plugin Repository'
        o remove 'Mail Servers'
        o remove 'User Macros'
        o remove 'Attachment Storage'
      • Look and Feel
        o remove 'Layouts'
        o remove 'Custom HTML'
      • Administration
        o remove 'Backup & Restore'
        o remove 'SnipSnap Import'


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