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JIRA Issues Macro fetching unnecessary fields from JIRA


      The fix for this bug will be backported to our current Long Term Support releases if it passes our risk assessment.

      We recognise the impact of this bug and plan to backport the fix to our Long Term Support releases. Once the exact fix version is known we will update this ticket. Not all code changes are suitable to be backported and this may still be rejected during our review process.


      • Confluence 7.13.9
      • Jira 8.20

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Confluence page.
      2. Insert the Jira Issues macro.
      3. Insert a JQL filter and include only specific custom fields you require.
      4. Save the Confluence page.
      5. Reload the page.
      6. Review the Jira access log regarding the request called.

      Expected Behavior

      Only specific custom fields as defined in the Jira issues macro will be searched. field=allcustom parameter should be removed.

      Actual Behavior

      All custom fields are being searched through and it causes the search to be extremely slow especially with instances comprised of large amount of custom fields. field=allcustom is apparent in the request URL e.g.

      "GET /sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-xml/temp/SearchRequest.xml?tempMax=20&returnMax=true&jqlQuery=key+%3D+PROJ-1+&field=summary&field=type&field=created&field=updated&field=allcustom&field=duedate&field=assignee&field=reporter&field=priority&field=status&field=resolution&field=customfield_10200&field=link&field=type&xoauth_requestor_id=xxxxxx HTTP/1.1" 


      There is no known workaround. Once a workaround is found, it will be added in this section


      The issue doesn't seem to happen on Confluence 7.13.8

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