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Provide a 'wiki' contents space to describe purpose / ownership of labels



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When you click on a label, it takes you to a nice interface that shows you all of the content where that label is used. However, you have to infer by the content what the intention / use of the label is for. Does 'conf' mean confluence or configuration or something else entirely? Is it a list of articles that are about confluence? refer to confluence? articles that should be moved to the confluence space, or need to be updated when confluence is change? Probably all of the above.

      It would be excellent to have a 'wiki section at the top of the LABELS tab for a space, where the labelled content is shown, where you can describe the purpose of the label and perhaps provided guidance and contact info for the labels owner.

      This is more relevant for some labels than others. chemistry, draft or featured-article labels might all have different meanings to different people and it's important to have a tool by which to explain these things.

      One hack implementation we've done is to create a 'labels' space, with a page name there equivalent to each label we want to document. Then we hacked the page LABELS UI to simply dynamically generate an


      and also an

      {include:labels:spacekey labelname}

      to get the space specific labels. Then we put a link to [labels:spacekey labelname] and [labels:labelname] so people knew where to go to update the info. All this was displayed on the page you get when you click on //label/mylabel or //label/spacekey/mylabel.

      (likewise, i've recommended doing similar embeding of wik content in the UI for user macros and the notation guide, in other Jira requests).



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