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Pasting an image from the clipboard on Firefox while the browser language is set to German causes the filename not to get a timestamp




      Issue Summary

      When a user tries to insert an image from a clipboard to a page while using a Firefox browser with the language set to German, it causes the image to be uploaded as "grafik.png" without any timestamps on the filename. If the user continues to add new images to the same page using the same method, all the images are updated with the last one inserted due to all files sharing the same name.

      Tested with the below Firefox versions:

      • Firefox 91.2.0esr - 32bit - Windows
      • Firefox 91.11.0esr - 32bit - Windows
      • Firefox 101.0.1 - 32bit - Windows
      • Firefox 102.0.1 - 32bit - Windows
      • Firefox 102.0.1 - 64bit - MacOS

      This is reproducible on Data Center: yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install Firefox in the German language. You can use the below direct link: Firefox 91.2.0esr DE - 32bit - Windows
        If you already have an English version, you can switch your language to German from the "Settings" menu. Don't forget to restart Firefox after putting "Deutsch" at the top of the language list.

      2. Create a page, and while in the edit mode:
        1. Capture an image with any of the snipping tools. With that image will be in your clipboard.
        2. Paste the image to the page.

      Expected Results

      Image uploaded to the page with a timestamp on its name:


      Actual Results

      Image uploaded to the page with the name:



      Base64 images uploaded should be created as grafik.png new versions. They can be downloaded from attachment version history on attachment page. The images downloaded should be renamed by OS automatically such as grafik.png (1), grafik.png (2). They can be uploaded again without issues.

      This issue does not occur on Google Chrome or Edge Chromium. Also, the issue does not occur as expected if the image is saved with a unique name to the filesystem and uploaded as a file.

      You can also switch your Firefox language to English as a workaround.


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