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      I''ve upgraded our confluence wiki from version 2.0 to 2.2.3 because of the ldap integration that is now present.
      Our instance has 1 wiki user and 2 wiki groups (confluence-admin and confluence-users). All other users en groups/roles come out of our active directory. There are some problems with the current version however ...

      1. Restrict page in edit mode only displays the 2 wiki groups and not the ldap groups, although if you know the names of the groups from ldap, you can use them and it works. So only real wiki groups get shown in the popup for restrict view/edit ...

      2. If you have a public viewable subspace, anonymous users who are not logged in can browse through the various pages. When you login however, and you are not explicitly allowed to view the subspace (as a user or group you are a member of), you cannot see the public subspaces. We find that not logical at all ...

      3. The wiki group atlassian-users should contain all users within the confluence instance, however, our active directory users are not automatically member of this group, hence they cannot login until you mark their groups within the global permissions administration section (when you create a new subspace you can indicate that all users should be able to view the space, this is currenty implemented as the group atlassian-users can view the space, but ldap users are not a member of this group ...)


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