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Attachment Moves Are Non Atomic Resulting In Missing Attachments




      We don't plan to backport the fix for this bug to earlier Long Term Support versions

      The fix for this bug isn't suitable for backporting to a bug fix release for any previous LTS versions. This is often because the fix is considered too high risk to implement in an older version.

      The fix for this issue will be included in future Long Term Support versions.

      Issue Summary

      This ticket tracks a class of bugs wherein Confluence misplaces attachments as part of a page move. The attachments remain on disk, but due to being in the wrong part of the file tree, appear to be missing.

      This issue occurs during page or pagetree moves that are unexpectedly interrupted.

      Note this is not related to CONFSERVER-55928: Attachments become 'Unknown Attachment' in the page editor with Collaborative Editing turned on or its related bugs

      Steps to Reproduce

      There are currently multiple causes with differing reproduction steps.

      The fundamental cause is halting a pagetree copy whilst attachments are being moved.

      Expected Results

      The files should be moved successfully. In the case of a failed move, the file copies should be rolled back successfully.

      Actual Results

      The files are not moved correctly, or alternately, the files are not rolled back to their original location in the case of a failed page move.


      We currently have a script that searches for attachments that have been misplaced and moves them back to the correct location. The script can be found at https://confluence.atlassian.com/confkb/how-to-resolve-missing-attachments-in-confluence-201761.html


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