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add a way to support 'redirects' if you rename a page


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      I sometimes rename pages (kinda like refactoring the site when you think of nicer ways to lay stuff out).

      However I don't like breaking URLs - I could have sent a page's URL to someone on an email or whatever - then the URL is now broken. It'd be nice if Confluence remembered the old page names - then if you try go to a page it can't find, it looks in a table of redirects so that URLs still work..

      I manually try to fix this myself by adding a new page, then editing the old page to include the new page. So maybe we need an option when renaming a page to 'keep old link' - which basically creates a new page with the new name/URL - and then auto-creates a page with the old name which includes the new page.

      e.g. if I have a page Foo and I rename it to Bar, it creates a new Bar page with the content from Foo in it; then it creates a Foo page like


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