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Blind SSRF in widgetConnector - CVE-2021-26072


    • 4.3
    • Medium
    • CVE-2021-26072

      Affected versions of Atlassian Confluence Server allow remote attackers to manipulate the content of internal network resources via a blind Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in the widgetconnector plugin.

      When running in an environment like Amazon EC2, this flaw may be used to access to a metadata resource that provides access credentials and other potentially confidential information. 

      The mitigation is deployed by configuring the Confluence URL allow list. N.B: The allowlist is enabled by default. But the fixed versions will be vulnerable if allowlist is disabled by the administrator, or the allowlist is configured to be overly permissive by the administrator. 

      The affected versions are before version 5.8.6.

      Affected versions:

      • version < 5.8.6

      Fixed versions:

      • 5.8.6  


      This is an independent assessment and you should evaluate its applicability to your own IT environment.

      CVSS v3 score: 4.3 => Medium severity

      Exploitability Metrics

      Attack Vector Network
      Attack Complexity Low
      Privileges Required Low
      User Interaction None

      Scope Metric

      Scope Unchanged

      Impact Metrics

      Confidentiality Low
      Integrity None
      Availability None

      See http://go.atlassian.com/cvss for more details.


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