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wikipedia-like named references functionality



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      I believe that suggested below functionality is very essential for professional documentation tool.


      I am suggesting to create a wikipedia-like named references functionality on the confluence server.



      1) It shall be possible to create / define a list of named references to different sources

      2) These references shall also include URL to the source (not only name and description)

      E.g. equivalent wikipedia-style markup would be like that

      <ref name="AtlassianConfluencePage">
      {{cite web
      | title=Atlassian Confluence page
      | url=https://confluence.atlassian.com/


      3) It shall be possible then to refer to these named references from the text body  (also outside of the page, which contains list of references)

      e.g. equivalent wikipedia-like language would be

      <ref name="AtlassianConfluencePage" />

      4) In the body of the page link to reference shall appear as a number in square brackets (standard wikipedia-style)

      5) When mouse hovers over the reference in the body of the page a popup reference tooltip shall appear, showing the clickable URL to the source. In another words it shall be possible to click on the URL, pointing to the reference source directly from the body of the page, without the need to first go to the page, which contains list of references.

      6) It shall be possible to update URLs of references without having to update each individual page

      E.g. if link to a references was invoked from 10 places (which could be 10 pages, or 10 places on one page), and then reference URL has changed e.g. (https://confluence.atlassian.com/ => https://confluence_new.atlassian.com/), then it would not be needed to update all places where this reference was used, but it would only be needed to update original reference:

      <ref name="AtlassianConfluencePage"> 
      {{cite web | title=Atlassian Confluence page | url=https://confluence_new.atlassian.com/ }}





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