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Updating license in Confluence Data Center does not allow new AWS Quick Deploy nodes to join cluster




      The fix for this bug has been released to our Long Term Support release.

      The fix for this bug is now available in the latest release of Confluence 7.13 and 7.19

      Issue Summary

      If you have an existing Data Center cluster and update its license, it does not update the shared home license value in its version of confluence.cfg.xml. This will cause a conflict when deploying new nodes using CloudFormation templates, even though they would normally retrieve the license from the database instead.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Data Center cluster with any valid license
      2. Change the license to a different, still valid one
      3. Deploy a new AWS node with CloudFormation template (using Quick Start AWS template as a base)
      4. Startup the node

      Expected Results

      • Newly built and deployed node will obtain license from database and join the cluster

      Actual Results

      • Newly built and deployed node will obtain license from database but fail to startup and join cluster, as the license changed in step 2 does not update in shared home confluence.cfg.xml


      You can manually update the license in the shared home confluence.cfg.xml file in order to resolve the issue, however there is no current method to automatically update the key value in that file at this time


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