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Duplicated content in pages after running Synchrony Hard Data Removal



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      For more information about this and related content duplication issues, please see the discussion at Confluence Server and Data Center: Content duplication fix and next steps - Atlassian Community.

      Issue summary

      With Collaborative Editing On and Synchrony Hard Data Removal Enabled in the Scheduled Jobs, the editor sometimes will randomly repeat the content and causing the content to be duplicated after saving the page.

      Steps to replicate the issue

      Creating a two pages

      1. Create a page with title Page 1.
      2. Create a child page with title Page 2. This page must contain some text.
      3. Save Page 2

      Removing Synchrony Data (Hard)

      1. Go to http://<base url>/admin/scheduledjobs/viewscheduledjobs.action
      2. Find on the page Synchrony Data Removal (Hard)
      3. Click Run button to trigger the Hard Data Removal job.

      Reproduce the bug

      1. Return to the Page 1 created earlier
      2. (the next step need to be done very quickly)
      3. On the left side, in the Page Tree, click Page 2 link, and press E keyboard shortcut repeatedly at the same time until the page opens for editing. This steps to trigger the editor to load slowly.

      Expected behavior

      Exact content loaded in the Editor.

      Actual behavior

      Page load for editing, and after a while (few seconds/milliseconds) a duplicate content (text) appears.


      Issue happen randomly for normal editing. Only when the editor took sometime (few seconds) to load. Users who experience slow network connection while loading the editor usually hit into the issue.


      Issue does not persist after turning Collaborative Editing mode to Off and disabling Synchrony Data Removal (Hard).


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