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Confluence not able to re-create Installation Temp directory in Linux


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    • 7.2.0, 7.3.3
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      Issue Summary

      In the case if the Installation Temp directory has not already existed, Confluence failed to re-create the directory during the startup. This might happen if a customer choose to change the Installation Temp directory to a path that is not already existed.

      Tested Environment

      The issue seems to have started from Confluence 7.2

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Download Confluence 7.3.3 Linux Installer and install it
      2. Go through the setup wizard to have a bare minimum of Confluence up and running
      3. Stop Confluence
      4. Remove the <Installation>/temp directory
      5. Start Confluence

      Expected Results

      Confluence will re-create the <Installation>/temp directory and startup as usual

      Actual Results

      Confluence did not re-create the <Installation>/temp, causing the plugins that require to be loaded in this directory to fail on starting. For example Synchrony and the user-installed plugins in the database.


      Manually create the Installation Temp directory before starting Confluence and ensure that the user running Confluence has full read/write permission to it.

      Side Note

      The same issue is not observed in the Windows environment

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