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Restrict Label Suggestion to Allowed Spaces/Pages



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      Hi Team,

      A given user when adding a label to a page, is allowed suggested with labels from across spaces. One can also see the labels tagged to Pages present in restricted Spaces.

      I have seen a similar request raised initially under CONFSERVER-12638

      Replication and Observation:

      Here is what I did on my Confluence ver 7.2.0-

      1. Log in as UserA(with Admin Access to All Spaces) creates a PageA in SpaceA and assigns LabelA to the page and saves the page.
      2. UserB(with access to one SpaceB only) logs in to Confluence and creates a PageB in the SpaceB and when begins to search to tag a label, UserB can see LabelA - even though the label was used in SpaceA tagged to PageA which UserB doesn't have access to.
      Expected Results:

      The Label suggestion should not list the labels tagged to pages in restricted Space(s).

      Actual Results

      User can see the label from a different space to which the user doesn't have view permissions.



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