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Preview macros for PDF and PowerPoint stops working after sometime




      Issue Summary

      Previewing PDF or Office files via Office macros like PDF macro stops working after sometime


      7.0.1 and above

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add an Office (or PDF) attachment to a page
      2. Use Powerpoint (ppt) macro to preview the attachment
      3. The attachment will work
      4. Wait overnight
      5. Open the page with another browser or open with private browsing mode (not to use browser cache)

      Expected Results

      Browser displays image of the office file

      Actual Results

      The preview image is broken.


      The preview image is stored under <confluence-home>/viewfile/temp directory, and apparently scheduledjob.desc.cleanupTrigger job is clearing up the temp directory. This is a scheduled job that runs at 2 AM automatically.


      Disabling the Scheduled Job scheduledjob.desc.cleanupTrigger may not stop the job from running. This is due to a new bug that disabling a system scheduled job (e.g. cleanupTrigger) continues to run post restart of Confluence:

      • CONFSERVER-59501 - Disabling a system scheduled job continues to run post restart of Confluence

      In order to properly disable it, we need to disable the Office Connector module related to the cleanupTrigger job.

      1. Navigate to Manage Apps in Confluence (requires Confluence admin permission)
      2. Filter it by System apps and search for Office Connector Plugin. Click on it to expand.
      3. Click on Modules to expand the list and look for File Cache Cleanup (cleanupTrigger).
      4. Leave the mouse cursor on it and the Disable button will show up. Click on it.
        For broken files, it's necessary to reupload in order to recreate them.

      Or, utilize the thumbnail feature of Display Files and Images instead of Office macro.


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