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Fix existing stale drafts (for CONFSERVER-57458) with an upgrade task


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      When CONFSERVER-57458 was implemented, we did a fix to prevent stale drafts from becoming valid drafts during a content refactoring action (which can be triggered by actions such as page moves). But existing content can still have stale drafts that have had their modification date updated. The scope of this ticket is to try and provide an upgrading task which can identify all invalid data and correct it as well as all needed condition to run that upgrading task.


      • Find all drafts which have version < current version and lastmoddate > current lastmoddate then update the draft's lastmoddate < current lastmoddate
      • Make sure we only run if Collaborative Editing (CE) is off (upgrade task might be not suitable for the CE on case because we can't delay running the upgrading task until we turn off CE)

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