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Search works only with exact words



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    • 6.14.0, 6.14.1
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      This issue has been split into 2 suggestions

      Please read this comment for a detailed explanation. In summary:

      If you are typing a full word (e.g. "manage" to match "manager") and find that your document does not match, you are likely interested in CONFSERVER-58280

      If you are typing a partial word (e.g. "manag" to match manage) and find that your document does not match, you are likely interested CONFSERVER-58279

      Issue Summary

      With Confluence 6.14, many improvements where made on search engine, making finding different words easier and faster. We don't need to type all the word to find results. Engine should give suggestions as we type. This was explained in Search for anything


      Confluence 6.14.0 and 6.14.1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create multiple pages with the following titles: Management, Managers, Managerial.
      2. Make suer the index was built
      3. Search for "Manage"

      Expected Results

      All 3 pages should be returned

      Actual Results

      Nothing is returned


      Add * at the end of word you are looking for. This is not ideal as it might return a lot noise.

      Alternatively, copy the title of the page into the page body. Then search seems to return it fine.

      Note that the site indexing language also needs to be set correctly for Confluence to stem words correctly. i.e. if you select "French" as your indexing language you cannot expect different versions of English words to match.


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