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Plans to end support for Confluence gadgets



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      Atlassian status as of September 2019

      Gadgets were designed to allow you to display information dynamically from sources like iGoogle or Jira, for example, in Confluence. The first gadgets were introduced in Confluence 3.1, and much of the technology they were based on is now superseded or obsolete. Since then we have also implemented a number of better ways to display dynamic information using macros and other integration points.

      We ended support for the following Gadgets in Confluence 7.0, and hid them from the macro browser. Any existing instances of these gadgets will still work, but you won't be able to insert these gadgets into the editor using the macro browser:

      • Activity Stream
      • Confluence Page Gadget
      • Confluence Quick Nav Gadget

      The News gadget was removed in Confluence 7.0 as it was not currently functional.

      End of support means Atlassian will not fix bugs related to these gadgets in Confluence 7.0 or later versions. We will remove these gadgets entirely in a future Confluence release, and will provide more information at that time.

      Feel free to comment on this issue if this change will have a significant impact on your Confluence site.

      Find out more about our other planned changes in Confluence 7.0


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