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Tables generated by macros and have two <thead> HTML tags are not sortable when they are added to Expand Macro





      Tables that are generated by macros and have <thead> HTML tag are not sortable when they are added to to Expand macro.

      This issue seems to be related to CONFSERVER-55253 where tables generated by the Page Property Report macro are not sortable when added to the expand macro. However, it seems that this issue is more common and happens to other tables that are generated by macro.

      Another example of this is Content Report Table. A table that is generated by this macro and placed inside the Expand macro will not be sortable.

      A common characteristic of both of the above tables are that they

      • Have two <thead> tags where the first is wrapped around the header and the second <thead> tag is wrapped around the first element of the table from <tbody>.
      • The table macros above when not added to an expand macro will only have one <thead> tag and it is wrapped around the header of the table only

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Confluence page
      2. Add a PPR macro or Content Report Table.
      3. Place these macros inside the Expand macro
      4. Attempt to sort the table

      Expected Results

      The tables are sortable

      Actual Results

      The tables are not sortable


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