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Unable to find attached video clip when using the *multimedia macro* on the page when the *Page Title Name* contains any special character (:)


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      Unable to find attached video clip when using the multimedia macro on the page when the Page Title Name contains any special character (Ex: ":")

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page title that contains ":"
      2. Attach video clip files to the page
      3. Edit the page and insert Multimedia macro
      4. Click on File on the dropdown list
      5. The files' name should appear on the list but it did not

      Expected Results

      Actual Results


      Workaround 1

      Drag and drop the video file directly into the editor. Confluence will automatically attach the file and insert the multimedia macro.

      Workaround 2

      If you need to edit the macro parameters you can use {} markup.

      1. In the editor Go to + Insert > {} markup and enter the wiki markup based on the examples below.
      2. The multimedia macro placeholder will appear in the preview when the wikimarkup has been entered correctly.
      3. Click Insert to insert it into your page.

      To embed a multimedia file attached to the current page enter:


      To embed a multimedia file attached to a page in another space and make it autoplay enter:

      {multimedia:space=SPACEKEY|page=Page Title|name=filename.mov|autostart=true}

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