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LaasPerformanceLoggingJob log spam while LaaS performance logging is turned off by default


      Problem Definition

      A WARN level event is logged every 5 min due to failed scheduled LaasPerformanceLoggingJob job.
      The job is not required on the server version of Confluence and is used in Cloud. The job is failing because LaaS performance logging is turned off by default.
      Warn is getting logged because scheduled job log level was raised as a result of CONFSERVER-54226 feature request.

      The below exception is thrown in the atlassian-confluence.log file:

      2018-06-08 07:51:21,912 WARN [Caesium-1-1] [impl.schedule.caesium.JobRunnerWrapper] runJob Scheduled job LaasPerformanceLoggingJob#LaasPerformanceLoggingJob completed unsuccessfully with response JobRunnerResponse[runOutcome=ABORTED,message='LaaS performance logging is turned off']

      Suggested Solution

      The job should be removed or disabled on startup to avoid confusion, log spam and conserve resources allocated to running the job.


      Disable the "scheduledjob.desc.LaasPerformanceLoggingJob" from > General Configuration > Scheduled jobs

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