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User management MUST improve!


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      User management of confluence MUST be improved. It is extremely limited and difficult to work with. Several improvements needed:
      1. It should be possible to let specific people (not admins) to manage specific groups - add/remove users.
      2. It should be possible to add users to a group when displaying a group and not only add groups to a user
      3. The navigation, filtering, etc. of the list of users is very difficult and inconsistent.
      4. It should be possible to delete users even if they added content. They could remain hiding underneath for the content to be related to them but even this should be optional, and any way as an admin I shouldn't need to manage them.
      5. It should be possible to diasble a user from the user display
      6. A user should be able to rename his user name.
      7. It would be great if I could consolidate users. Like in the case when a user signed in, edited content, and then changed his login and added more content. Then I'd like to combine the two users into a single one. (that's a bonus after all previous elements will be implemented)

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