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Images broken on Questions for non admin users





      • Questions plugin version 2.6.6, 2.5.5, 2.5.4

        Steps to Reproduce

        Scenario 1

      1. Create a question in space as Admin and add an image to it
      2. Access same question as an ordinary user who has permission to question and space, the image will be broken
        same contentID
      • URL when admin create Question and add an image to it: display/TEST/questions/2654304/question-by-admin
      • URL when user access question : display/TEST/questions/2654304/question-by-admin
      • URL when you do right click on the broken image and open in a new tab: display/TEST/questions/2654304/question-by-admin

      Scenario 2

      1. Create a question in space as an ordinary user and add an image to it
      2. Access this question using Admin account, the image will be broken
        notice at this scenario the id changes in URL and workaround 2 provided on this bug fixed the issue

      Expected Results

      Image to be rendered correctly for all admin and users

      Actual Results

      image broken:

      • The request for the image without effect will return 404.
      • The request for the image with effect will return 403.

      Workaround For Scenario 2 - for Existing Questions

      1. Open the faulty Question.
      2. Right Click on the broken image of the Question and Open Image in a New Tab.
      3. Match the URL of the Question and the New Tab. Update the number after attachments in the New Tab to be the same as the the number after questions and press Enter.
      4. The Image will be displayed.
      5. Download this image.
      6. Edit the faulty Question and re-attach the image.



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