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Accessibility issues with Team Calendars


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      • Team Calendars 5.3.19

      Issues (and solutions)

      The event type field requires the user to scroll up and down to select the event type they want to add
      When I do this using Internet Explorer and the JAWS Screen Reading program, the event types available are not announced as I navigate through them.

      There are two solutions to this: either (1) allow the user to type in the event type they want since this field is a text box, or (2) use a dropdown so that when the user arrows up or down, they hear the types of events they can select.

      The beginning and end dates for adding events are a real issue
      When the user lands on one of the date fields, a calendar is displayed and they have to click on a date they want. With JAWS/IE, there is no way to select a different month other than the one you're in. For example, I was trying to add an event in December. While I could, with considerable effort, find the days of the month in November, I couldn't switch into December.

      This calendar interface is, for all practical purposes, completely inaccessible, and it doesn't have to be. Websites such as Amtrak.com have found ways to work around this.

      My solution to this problem would be to allow the user to type in the beginning and end dates since the fields are text boxes, telling them they need to type them in day-month-year (26-Dec-2017). I've tried typing into the text boxes and while the numbers I type will take, the dashes and letters for the month will not. They could also make the calendar keyboard accessible and tell the user how to open it and access the information they need.

      All of the fields need labels on them
      When the user tabs through fields, they'll be able to hear what each one is. My work-around is to memorize the order of the fields.

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